Hello. Thank you for visiting our website and for the opportunity to tell you more about our practice. Our office is a single-dentist private practice. This has several benefits to you, the patient. The first and most obvious benefit is you will be certain to see the same dentist each time you are here. This allows us to develop a long-term professional relationship that is centered on personalized care. Every person has different treatment needs and expectations. The goal is to develop a personalized treatment plan that is specific to your needs, expectations, and limitations.

Our practice offers a wide range of typical dental services, such as preventative care and simple restorations (fillings, crowns, etc.), as well as more advanced treatments, such as implant dentistry and oral conscious sedation, which are typically not offered in most general dental practices. As a “broad scope” practice, we can better serve our patients and allow them to take advantage of the many advancements that have been made in recent years with regard to dental technology.

We can handle most treatment needs here in our office. However, under special circumstances, or for specific procedures, a dental specialist may be in your best interest. We have a referral network of specialists that we work with very closely. In the event that we need to take advantage of their specific services, you can be certain that coordination of care is seamless. We believe that communication is key, both with our patients and our specialty colleagues.

We believe that an ideal dental practice is a carefully blended mixture of technology and clinical perfection combined with the personalized service, comfort, and familiarity that patients should expect from a private practice. Our office is 100% patient centered. Our goal is to serve your needs by providing services and treatments that are in your best interest. Your care should not be influenced by third-party distractions. You deserve quality, comprehensive care.

Thank you again for your interest in learning more about our practice. If you are a potential patient, we look forward to meeting you soon. To our existing patients, we truly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your healthcare team and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.